Our Solutions

The Solutions that we provide to get your Business Decisions stand out.

Decision Sciences Platform

Sikonic's Decision Science platform provides inquisitive analysis to the executives to accelerate decision making authority for solving complex business problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Sikonic leverages Deep Learning Technologies to pursue decisions and analysis from Medical Images and Biological Sensor Data to support the physicians and the doctors.

Chatbot Development

Sikonic features custom chatbot solutions for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Slack and Kik using Machine Learning, NLP and Artificial Intelligence

Mobile App Development

Sikonic is committed to helping businesses to build their brand and improve engagement to transform their processes and pushes them to stand out from the competition.

Terenz is Medical attention based SaaS Platform. It allows the users to perform extensive analysis on the Medical Images by leveraging Artificial Intelligence. The attention based Deep Learning based models performs detection on abnormalities in the Medical Images.

Terenz presently holds 5 proprietary segments Demenor(Alzheimer Progression), Conzar(Cancerous Tissue Identification), Kinon(Parkinson Progression), Mellius (Retinopathy Detection) and Corin (Angigraphy Analysis)

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CentiMin provides an exquisite experience to the populace working and residing in Centum City, Busan with all round information regarding the location.

CentiMin is a one stop information hub for the people of Centum City, where they can dig down deeper the regarding News, Events, Human Resources, Opportunities and What not ?

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